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Whole School Weekly Assembly

During these unprecedented times Kingmoor Junior School has continued with our whole school weekly assemblies.  These are presented to the classrooms via pre recorded videos.  Follow the links below to view our assemblies.

8 March 2021 - We Take Responsibility   15 March 2021 - We Are Aware   
22 March 2021 - We Are Creative   29 March 2021 - We are Organised  
19 April 2021 - We Persevere   26 April 2021 - We Concentrate  
4 May 2021 - We Are Brave   10 May 2021 - We Enjoy a Challenge  
17 May 2021 - Science Week  24 May 2021 - We are Aware 
The word 'daisy' comes from the Old English daegesege, formally daegeseage meaning 'days eye', because the petals of some species of daisy open at dawn and close at dusk.  For the same reason in medieval latin a common term for daisy was 'solis oculus' meaning Suns Eye. 
7 June 2021 - We Collaborate 

UK's first hijabi firefighter: ‘Firefighters don’t look like me’

14 June 2021 - We Aim High 
21 June 2021 - We Concentrate
Maths Day