Kingmoor Junior School
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The Kingmoor Curriculum

The curriculum encompasses the totality of pupils’ learning experiences.

At Kingmoor Junior School our curriculum is designed to not only fulfill statutory requirements, but also to enthuse our children with a lifelong love of learning.  It meets all the formal requirements of the National Curriculum but also features a range of extra-curricular activities that are provided to enrich school life.  We believe that if we want our children to grow into responsible, active citizens then this ‘hidden curriculum’ is also important.  What the children learn from the way they are treated, the role models they meet and the way they are expected to behave is a major influence on the way they grow and develop.

At Kingmoor Junior School we believe that our curriculum should be broad, balanced and relevant;   meeting the needs of all children, whatever their ability.  As well as reaching their academic potential, we want our pupils to be enriched by opportunities to sing, dance, compete, learn modern languages, play an instrument, organise charity events and so on.

The curriculum is planned to be:

Broad:  Providing a wide and enriching range of knowledge, skills and experiences.

Balanced:  So that each subject makes an effective contribution to learning.

Relevant:  Ensuring learning can link the pupils experiences to applications in the real
Coherent:  So that topics can be taught in context, making the learning experience more meaningful.

Progressive:  Meaning what is taught builds logically and systematically upon previous learning.

Differentiated:  Ensuring what is taught and the tasks that are set are matched to each child’s personal aptitude and ability.

Accessible:  Providing equality of opportunity for all.

Curriculum Organisation

At Kingmoor, we are committed to a cross-curricular, thematic approach to teaching and learning.  Wherever possible, we build logical links and connections between subject areas to provide coherence and achieve greater depth of understanding.

Each Year Group studies four different core topics, matched with activities that are planned to enable children to learn through first hand experience.

Curriculum Enrichment

The Kingmoor learning experience is enriched by a variety of well-planned trips and carefully chosen guest visitors.

Classes draw on our locality to develop key skills – Kingmoor Woods, the Lowry Hill Estate, Croft Farm at Houghton, the Cathedral, Carlisle Castle and Tullie House Museum all provide excellent learning resources.

Further afield, classes have recently visited Eden camp War Museum in Yorkshire, The Life Centre and Hindu Temple in Newcastle, the Roman Army Museum at Birdoswald and Wanlockhead Museum of Lead Mining near Dumfries.

During Year 6, pupils also experience an exciting residential visit to an adventure centre where they participate in a broad spectrum of outdoor activities.

A range of visitors to school further colour the learning experiences of our  pupils.  Dancers, authors, artists in residence and a variety of other engaging and educational guests help ensure every year group is an exciting place to learn.