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Information for parents on supporting children during home-schooling and preparing them for the return to school.

Kingmoor Junior School is looking forward to welcoming back the whole school.

Cumbria County Council have developed some short videos with tips and information on routines, sleep, managing home-schooling and help getting ready for the return to school in a positive way. 

Mental Health Awareness for parents and carers

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Parents and carers support resources and links

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  • Watch the video below - Family Routine.

  • Watch the video below - Tips on sleep!

Cumbria County Council have also put together a document to support and manage behaviours. Out of character behaviours can present themselves at any time and it is always nice to have a few strategies to hand.


Starting a conversation can be difficult, especially if you're worried that your child is having a hard time. It doesn't matter what topic the conversation starts with - it's about the opportunity it gives you both to talk about feelings and to provide comfort. Click below for some conversation starters. The link to the young - minds website is also below.